I was so fortunate to have incredible female role models that lived in their passions, that lived the path that they knew was the right one for them. I admired this. I saw a fire burning in their eyes, in the eyes of the people that I looked up to.

So when it came time to pick a college major, I picked the thing that I thought would make me happy, vocal performance. I have loved to sing for as long as I can remember. But after studying for a year, I knew that it wasn’t it for me. I tried something new as I switched into a journalism path, but even quicker than studying voice, I knew within two weeks of journalism classes that I was not meant to be a journalist.

And then it was 2016. And suddenly, I was angry. More angry than I had ever been before. I felt the fire in me that I had been lacking for years, the thing that I saw in others but never saw in myself. Until I found my voice in a meeting with a legislator, or to have the ambition to talk about sexual violence with members of Greek life, the bravery to stand on Capitol Hill with a crown and sash on and say that my title, my political views or my appearance do not define me. My value is not defined by what I do. My value will help me define what I do. It is my life, my body, my choice, my future in my own hands. And no one, not a legislator, not the President, not a family member, a significant other, not a friend or stranger gets to tell me what I do with my life or my future. That’s my job. And that’s why I am such a big social justice fan. Why one day I’ll open a justice themed bakery on the Hill, why one day I’ll become a lawyer and run for office. Why I choose to be an advocate for survivors of sexual violence.

There was always a fire in me, it just took one spark to ignite my flame.

After finding my voice, it was a natural progression to become a professional speaker. I share a message of pivots, of purpose and of fire so strong that you might just set the world on fire. I only speak on what I know, and the only thing I know for certain is this:

An ember, a flame, a flicker or wildfire, your purpose blazes your path. And if you don’t feel it yet, that doesn’t mean that it is not there. I’ll leave a little bit to the imagination. If you’re interested in booking me as a speaker (hey, it’s my website- I’ll promote myself if I want to) feel free to email me at MaraMason816@gmail.com for more info.

For now, I’ll leave you with my word.

Here, for the whole internet to read if they wish, I declare my ambition to run for office one day, to be an advocate for equality and peace, to live a life that I can be proud of, to always fight for what I believe is right, and to do everything I can to help other people.