Hi there.

I’m Mara.

I’m passionate about issues of social justice, human rights, and equality.

I’m a small-town-turned metropolitan young professional graduate of THE Ohio State University serving as a Supply Officer in the United States Navy.

I have an honors diploma in Journalism and Vocal Performance, where I learned different means of storytelling through the power of words and various types of art. I valued my university years, and while I cherish my background in these two fields, I feel that my true purpose is within the realm of public service.

Once I made this realization, suddenly not only did I want to be an advocate for change, I wanted to go to law school, I wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice, I wanted to move to DC, etc. All of the sudden, my world was not just about what was coming next. It was opened to the “what could be,” even far in the future. Now it’s a dream of mine to stand for what’s right, in any field.

Even after all of my momentum in this self-realization, when I graduated from Ohio State I found myself on a path that wasn’t right for me, in a career I wasn’t satisfied with. I felt so purposeless in my work that one day I called my mom crying from the parking lot and said “What if I joined the Navy?” And the rest was history. (Not really, the process to becoming an officer in the Navy is extremely long and challenging, but we can talk about that another day.)

As I do my annual edit (yikes) on this website, I think back to who I was the last time I wrote about myself like this. It was February of 2020, before the pandemic hit. And while we have all changed so much, I’m fascinated by the fact that some things deep inside us never truly change.

From being a marketing professional in the food world, following dreams of being an artist, to being a Naval Supply Corps officer, my world looks very different now. But I’m still the same Mara as I’ve always been. I just make my bed more now. And more push-ups… way more push ups.

Along the way, I’ve found a love for food photography, reality TV, and too much coffee. Like I said, some things never change.

So that’s the beginning of the story. Stick around if you’d like– I’m happy you’re here.