Hi there.

I’m Mara.

I’m a small-town-turned metropolitan yo-pro graduate of THE Ohio State University currently based in Columbus, Ohio. I expect that to change soon.

I have an honors diploma in Journalism and Music, where I learned different means of storytelling through the power of words and various types of art. I have loved every second of my studies, my professional work, and my university years, but I feel that my purpose is within the realm of public service. In 2016, I felt the spark that would ignite the fire that created a public speaker, an advocate, and a young woman that I am so proud to have become.

I’m passionate about issues of social justice, human rights and equality, and I so believe that no one deserves to feel that they are not equal or as “enough” as anyone else. I have let the fear of never being “enough” keep me from reaching for the dreams I knew I could achieve for as long as I can remember. That stops now.

When I allowed myself to dream of being Miss Ohio, my world changed. Suddenly, not only did I want to be an advocate for change, I wanted to go to law school, I wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice, I wanted to move to DC, etc. My world became so much more than the bar that I had set for myself. Now it’s a dream of mine to help other people to know that they don’t have to limit themselves when it comes to achieving their dreams, their ambitions or the thing that they don’t let themselves dream for fear of getting crushed.

Along the way, I’ve found a love for food photography, reality TV, and too much coffee. Through my years of competing within the Miss America Organization, I have learned who I am, and I have finally learned to love me for who I am. Not as Almost-Miss-Ohio (twice.) Just as Mara.

Stick around if you’d like. I’m happy you’re here.