Hi there!

If you’ve never been to MaraMason.com- it’s lovely to meet you. If you’ve been here before- welcome back, I’ve missed you. 

I created this website more than a few years ago, and it lives to tell a little bit of my story along the way. I love writing and online media more than most things, so I have this as a little way to create and share with all of you. I also have a little habit of only updating my page every year or so. But here we are, you and me. Me and you. 

In the last few years, I have changed more than I ever thought possible. In good ways, in bad ways, in ways that broke my heart, in ways of inexplicable hope. I have changed in ways that I am incredibly proud of, and I have grown in ways that have made me want to give up on every single last one of my biggest dreams. 

But here I am. A different person than I was. And here you are, presumably also a different person than you were a year ago as well. Different than we were 20 minutes ago, than we were yesterday, last spring, and three breaths ago. Better. A little bit of the same. A little more tired. A little more coffee. A little more fire. Different. Glowing brighter. Growing warmer. 
Welcome to who we are now.