Hi again. If you’re new here, welcome aboard.

This is MaraMason.com.

Over the years, this site has been so many things to me, and it has evolved just as I have. It started as an online resume for my aspiring musical theater dreams, a blog of sorts, and some things in between.

If you don’t know a lot about me, that’s okay.  You’ll learn a few things about me here.

 But things have changed, and so have I.

I assume you have changed before, too, yes? At least a little bit?

Maybe you’ve taken a career pivot, too. Or maybe you left the life you knew, tried something new, and stumbled a few times? Maybe you picked yourself up a few times, too. Learned some things along the way?

If that sounds familiar, we might have something in common.

Welcome to my personal website, feel free to stay a while.